Silver Plated, Hard & Medium Tension
Completely redesigned for the discriminating player and performing musician.


The DR Rare Mandolin Strings are designed to last longer than other strings. They have a tone that will surprise and please the experienced player. Crisp and warm, DR Rare phosphor mandolin strings stand out whether you are playing in a group or as a featured soloist.


Tenor and 5 String
Bluegrass and country players have for years requested DR to make handmade banjo strings. Finally we are satisfied that we have achieved a new standard of tone, durability and playability. The 5 string set offers 1 nickel wound string and 4 plain strings designed for brightness….to make a player stand out in any picking circle.


Round Core with Loop Ends

In order to creat a very unique Bajo Quinto set, we have used three different materials which are stainless steel, phospher bronze and nickel plated. .060 & .080 - Hi-Beam stainless steel bass strings are round wound and constructed upon a round core with loop ends. Both of these strings provde highly flexible and musically bright string. .026, .036, .046, .030 - All of these strings are from our Zebra series. Every other coil

is nickel plated steel, every other coil is Rare phospher bronze on a round core with loop ends.

*Absolutely great for Bajos equipped with a variety of pick-ups such as piezo pick-ups or magnetic pick-ups.